The FEBS-MPST 2011 Advanced Lecture Course include General Lectures / Tutorials (Tissue Organization and assembly, Proteoglycans/Glycosaminoglycans, Metalloproteinases and Integrins) to be held during the first two days. Furthermore, six Plenary Symposia will each be introduced and moderated by leading scientists acting as discussion leaders. An introduction to the topic of each particular symposium will be given by the chairperson.

  • Symposium 1: Matrix Pathobiology (Chair: TBA)
  • Symposium 2: Interactions and Functions of Matrix Macromolecules (Chair: TBA)
  • Symposium 3: Matrix-mediated signaling and EMT (Chair: TBA)
  • Symposium 4: Glycobiology and Metabolic Regulation of ECM molecules (Chair: TBA)
  • Symposium 5: Signaling and Disease Molecular Targeting (Chair: TBA)
  • Symposium 6: Matrix Regulation in Health and Disease (Chair: TBA)

D. HeinegÄrd and V. Hascall will deliver the final keynote address to conclude FEBS-MPST2011 Course.