September 2-7, 2011, Spetses, Greece


El. Venizelos Airport to Spetses:

Map 1: From Airport to Piraeus and from Piraeus to Spetses

El. Venizelos Airport to Piraeus Port:

From the Airport to reach the port you must take the metro (which is located in the airport), line 3-blue line (see following Map 2), with direction to Egaleo. At the station Monastiraki (connection point) you must change to line 1-green line, with direction to Piraeus.

Ticket cost: 6€

Duration: about 1:15 hours


Taxi from “El. Venizelos” Airport to Piraeus Port: approximately 70€

Map 2: From Airport (El. Venizelos) to Port (Pireaus)


Piraeus Port to Spetses:

To reach the Island of Spetses you must take the fast boat (flying dolphins) from gate E8 (gate to Argosaronikos islands) at Piraeus port. The duration of this trip is around 2 hours.

F/C= Catamaran (duration of this trip is around 2 hours & 45 minutes)
F/D= Dolphin (duration of this trip is around 1 hour & 45 minutes)

The current cost of the ferry is 37,50€. As soon as you know the various times of your arrival and departure, please visit the following web site to reserve and buy the tickets online.



Hellenic Sea Ways:

Booking Department: 0030 210 41 99 000


Please keep in mind that at least 2:30 hours are needed between your time of arrival at the airport and departure time at Piraeus (1:15 hours metro maximum travel time)